We had a great “Young Eagles” event at the Moore County Airport on Saturday

The weather was fine, the temperatures mild, and the breezes relatively gentle. Ten planes and pilots volunteered to fly. The Pinecrest High School Junior ROTC cadets were extremely helpful and did a great job greeting the arriving kids, explaining the process and keeping the paperwork organized. For the first time, Total Flight Solutions had a handsome display and was offering information about flight training to interested students. The Moore County Civil Air Patrol Composite Squadron also had a display and met with many interested young people. Perhaps most impressively, a veteran’s group demonstrated brilliant sky diving techniques to the kids and parents. It was a great day!

The numbers were impressive. The team flew 180 kids, including the ROTC cadets, on about 90 different flights. The airport provided all the fuel, which is a huge and generous donation and makes the Young Eagles program possible.

 A note from Jim Murray, our Young Eagles coordinator

The weather god finally gave us a good day, light winds down the runway, we hardly knew how to land!

The Airport staff was great, not a glitch in anything that I am aware of.  All of us appreciate the dollar fill up.

JROTC cadets just get better every year, great job by our future leaders.
Jim Wiltjer and Ron Earp did their usual superb job of organization.  Thank you.

The tally:

Dr. Barry Buchele – 25 flies a lovely Cirrus, DZ, photo attached.

Dick Harpster – 30 the top dog in this event. He flies the canard-style Velocity, a pusher-prop, that the kids call the “James Bond” airplane

Danny Adams – 8 The brakeless one. Lost his brakes on the last flight and was doing 360˚ turns trying to exit the runway. flying an RV12

Dr. Larry Gebler – 20 with his very handsome Cessna Cardinal

Mike Jones – 23  flying a rented Cessna 172 because his plane is in the paint shop

Jim Fisher – 7 flies the red and white Piper sport

Jim Murray – 20 Red and White Maule

Dick Barton – 4 Flew a citabria, Phila-lawyer and an ex-F-4 marine pilot with 270 missions in ‘Nam

Les Scott – 15    Thank you Total Flight

Don Poitras – 12 Comes down from Sanford and is a great addition to the team

TOTAL – 164

Moore County NC Airport


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