Welcome to Moore County Airport, 
your aviation gateway to the Golf Capital of the World

We know you have a lot of choices in the world of aviation. But we think the Sandhills is a great place to stop, refuel, refresh, and recharge your emotional batteries before heading on to your next adventure. We’re so certain you’ll enjoy your visit we’re making an offer you simply can’t refuse. We call it, “Pilots and Putters.” It’s simple:

  • Stop at Moore County Airport!
  • Top off the tanks.
  • Go exploring in the Sandhills.
  • Bring back to the airport either proof of a round of golf or an overnight hotel stay and get a 50¢/gallon discount on the current avgas rate

To make this even more exciting, a number of the local hotels, resorts and golf courses are also offering even sweeter deals, such as Pine Needles/Mid Pines resort that is offering an additional 25% discounts, for pilots who stop in for a day or two.

A couple of simple rules apply for the Airport Promotion:

  • Offer cannot be combined with other promotions
  • Discount only applies to avgas; sorry Jet-A folks
  • Discount max’d at $100.
  • Only one discount per airplane

A few other points for folks visiting local resorts and hotels:

Contact your chosen resort in advance of your arrival and tell them you’re part of the Pilots and Putters promotion at the Airport.

Be aware that April/May followed by September/October are very busy seasons here in the Sandhills and not all facilities have open capacity

Most promotional offers are not available on Friday and Saturdays, but check with your destination for their rules.

Welcome to the Golf Capital of the World!

Fly to Pinehurst
Fly to Pinehurst

Plan to STOP at KSOP on your way to Florida

Beautiful Mid Pines Resort

Moore County NC Airport


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