On Jan 10, 2019, we were treated to a visit by a very unique and unusual aircraft: an amateur-built kit aircraft called a Just Aircraft SuperSTOL. Just aircraft is based in Walhalla, SC and which specializes in the design and production of Short Take-off and Landing (STOL) aircraft. These tough, versatile airplanes can get off the ground in as little as 400 feet and land in about half that distance. That makes them ideal for flying from the rough fields found in remote areas such as hunting camps and fishing trips, for search and rescue, disaster recovery, and other missions where long, smooth runways simply aren’t available. It also makes them wildly fun to fly.

“Just Aircraft produces airplanes that can take off and land just about anywhere… Owner and designer Troy Woodland is focused on making flying fun.”  – EAA April 2017 edition, Sport Aviation magazine.

We didn’t get to speak with the pilot, but the Just Aircraft web site says the SuperSTOL has a 31-foot wingspan and sits 7 feet tall on the giant tundra tires. It seats two people in a side-by-side configuration, carries 27 gallons of fuel and 583 pounds of people and gear. Powered by a Rotax engine, it cruises at 100 mph and stalls as 32 mph. The plane uses lead-edge slats which automatically pop out at slow speeds. These work with the flaps to generate enormous lift and get the plane off the ground quickly. Most amazingly, the wings fold back in less than five minutes — Just pull out the quick disconnect pin on the wing, then push the wings back against the fuselage — to make it easy to park the airplane in garages and barns. There are some amazing videos on YouTube which show SuperSTOL planes lifting off just moments after they started rolling.

W133WZ is a handsome airplane, with the most snazzy paint job featuring teeth and eyes. It’s registered to K. M. Griewahn of Rowan County. Thanks for visiting with us today and please come back often.

Moore County NC Airport


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